Construction of oil, gas
and petrochemical industry objects

Pipeline construction

One of the activities of our organization is construction of pipelines. Years of experience, as well as availability of a vast fleet of production machinery and modern equipment allow laying of pipelines of different materials designed for different operating conditions and operating pressure.

The list of our customers includes small private companies, as well as large municipal enterprise, but we guarantee high quality of our work in all cases.

Transit pipeline construction

During construction all the departmental building codes and the requirements of SNIP considering transit pipeline and construction industry as a whole including safety are strictly complied with. In the process of conducting construction works the quality control is performed obligatory either by customer representatives or representatives of government oversight.

Construction of transit pipelines, as a rule, is based on the flow method of work; in this case, the main production unit is an integrated process flow that works on the rights of a general contract. Engineering and Technology, road and traffic flows that specialize in performing complete phases of construction of pipelines are formed on the rights of subcontract.

Stages of construction:

The preparatory period of pipeline construction includes coordination of design and estimate documentation, issues of social development and integration and implementation of off-piste and pipeline preparatory work.

Organizational stage of engineering preparation of pipeline construction includes:

  • review and approval in due course of design estimates;
  • conclusion of contracts for capital construction (contract subcontract);
  • the opening of financing of construction works;
  • acceptance of the pipeline route and  axis of line of technological communication;
  • obtaining of construction permit;
  • conducting of land acquisition for the period of pipeline construction, obtaining documents for quarrying, felling permits and working documentation.
  • drafting of the work.

Off-piste preparation work:

  • construction of temporary facilities (residential townships and objects of cultural and household purpose, networks, electricity, heating and water supply, sanitation, access roads, radio and telephone traffic control communications,  maintenance of machines bases, welding and insulation bases, warehouses, helipads and jetties );
  • receiving, storage of materials and equipment;
  • opening of quarries;
  • welding pipe sections, production of curved inserts, insulation in basic conditions.

Pipeline preparation work:

  • fixing the centerline and stationing, division of horizontal and vertical curves, marking, planning and clearing construction site taking pickets outside of it;
  • construction of temporary pipeline roads;
  • removal and storage of topsoil;
  • drainage and protection of construction site;
  • welding pipe sections, insulation / lining in basic conditions;
  • manufacture of bent branches;
  • removal of pipe sections, curves and ballast weights to the track;
  • installation of safety barriers.

The main period of pipeline construction itself includes excavation, loading, unloading, storage and transportation of large diameter pipes and pipe-laying work.