Construction of oil, gas
and petrochemical industry objects

Industrial construction

At the beginning of XXI century, developed countries have entered the post-industrial era, and gradually the priority in the economy of these countries shifted from material production to the service sector. However, human need for quality products not only hasn’t diminished, but increased significantly. And, so, industrial production still remains valid. Moreover, today, growing number of entrepreneurs want to own their own production facilities. And many more construction companies are willing to help them to do that.

Today industrial construction is in demand in almost every manufacturing industry, ranging from nuclear energy to manufacturing of plastic utensils. And under industrial construction we understand not only construction of factories and plants, but major repairs of existing structures as well. As a rule, modern construction companies work on  "turnkey" basis, which means that they completely take care of all the issues on the construction of an industrial facility, including design of the building and the interior trim is finished rooms.

Industrial Construction in Russia

At the end of the last century our country experienced a significant growth in industrial construction. Experts attribute this recovery with coming of foreign investors who have discovered the Russian market after the Soviet Union collapse.

Today the most rapidly developing industry is oil and gas. So, every year an increasing number of companies specializing in the construction and maintenance of facilities of this particular industry appear. Unfortunately, most construction companies offer almost identical range of services for industrial construction. In such conditions it is difficult for our clients to make the right choice. To avoid mistakes, one must first carefully study the market of construction services and determine the most successful organization in this field.

Construction with our company

Our company has been successfully operating in the market of construction services since 2005. During this period we have commissioned more than 30 industrial facilities that fully comply with all rules and regulations.

We know how to design and build an industrial facility not by hearsay. Our company employs staff with expertise not only in the construction industry, but also in the petrochemical industry. They know everything about this industry and thus about how to organize all the necessary industrial sites for efficient production.